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This season we’re celebrating the spirit of adventure. From the classic road trip to rafting the iconic Colorado River, When in Roam celebrates the wanderlust spirit. It’s about saying so long to the ordinary, living life to the fullest and being comfortable all along the way. It’s time to pick a new destination.To stray from the everyday and explore more. It’s time to Roam.

SmartWool When In Roam Episode 5: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

Comfort zones can be overrated.

For the latest installment of Roam TV, Smartwool snowboard athlete & Ultrarunner Paul Hamilton traded in his running shoes for a wetsuit and surfboard in Tofino, British Columbia.

Then avid surfer and fellow Smartwool athlete Austin Smith gave Paul got a crash course in surfing the Pacific Northwest.
SmartWool When In Roam Episode 5: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc
An accomplished athlete when it comes to running, ski mountaineering and biking, Paul had never tried his hand at surfing.

Through lots of trial and error and bigger waves than he bargained for, Paul learned first hand that surfing is definitely harder than it looks but well worth the effort.
SmartWool When In Roam Episode 5: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc
Known for its laid back, surf town feel, Tofino has some of the best surfing in Canada. Moderate Pacific waters make for year-round surfing, but as Paul quickly learned, wetsuits are a must in the fall and winter.

It was the perfect place to try something new.

And the perfect time to push that comfort zone far out to sea.

ROAM Webisode 5

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