man sitting next to red rock wearing Smartwool summer clothes
Merino wool is one of nature’s most advanced fibers, making it an ideal choice for high-performance clothing. The natural ability of wool clothing to breathe, wick moisture and resist odors make it a perfect choice for everything from pitching your tent after a long day on the PCT or shopping for fruit in a bustling Peruvian market. When you’re comfortable, everything else seems so much better.
Man shown running wearing SmartWool Micro 150 One shirt tees shirt
The same qualities that make Merino ideal for high-performance clothing make it ideal for socks. That’s why we make Merino wool socks for men, women and kids for everything from high-octane adventures to serious downtime. Whether you feel most alive as you crest the ridge of an epic trail or skiing through untouched powder, our Merino wool socks will make each step that much better.
Colorado mountain landscape during dusk, made in America USA made socks.
Smartwool socks REWARDS, women's feet in sandals wearing Smartwool socks
rugged mountain peak horizon in the winter