Hunters wearing smartwool clothing


Merino Wool Hunting Clothes


Our collection of hunting clothing includes everything from lightweight layers for warm weather hunts to warmer layers that help keep you from shivering on long, cold stakeouts then sweating when it’s time to move. These aren’t traditional wool hunting clothes though: we’ve come a long way since the days of traditional thermal wear, using only the finest, softest Merino wool to help regulate your body temperature, manage moisture and resist odors. They’re easy-care layers that help keep you comfortable, year-round.

Hunters wearing smartwool clothing


Hunting Socks


When your feet aren’t comfortable, it’s hard to focus on your hunt. That’s why our collection of men’s and women’s hunting socks features a wide range of cushioning and weight for every type of hunt. From a Hunt Light Crew for mild weather hunts to our Extra Heavy Over-the-Calf socks for the coldest expeditions, we’ve got the right socks to keep your feet comfortable and good to go as long as you are.

Women who like the outdoors shouldn’t have to settle for a sock that isn’t designed for them, which is why we created the Women’s Hunt sock.  It is designed specifically for a woman’s foot, with a narrower heel and the Smartwool fit system, with arch and ankle support.  It is a sock designed for a woman who wants to spend the day outside, without having to compromise fit and comfort.  

Hunters wearing smartwool clothing


Layers of Comfortable Wool Hunt Clothes


Layering is the foundation for performance, and when you start with our Merino wool underwear next to skin, you’ve got a foundation for warmth and breathability. Next add a wool midlayer and wool ski socks. Top off your set-up with a water-resistant outer layer and you’re ready for a day in the field.

Hunters wearing smartwool clothing

Smartwool Hunt

Smartwool Hunt Essentials with Merino Wool Next to Skin