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Made for the road, trail, and every scramble in between.


Merino Wool Run Clothes, Socks, and Accessories


Over muddy switchbacks or under redwood canopies, wherever the trail leads, our Merino running clothes are happy to follow. The last thing you want to think about when those suddenly dark clouds open up is what you’re wearing. That’s why our men’s and women’s running clothes feature no-chafe seams and shorts with odor-resisting Merino liners. Because when you’re comfortable, you can focus on what really matters.

Man & woman running in their wool tops, shorts, socks
PhD Running clothes with mesh zones for breathability & moisture management


Smartwool PhD® Thermal Body Mapping Technology: Understanding the body in motion.


Body mapping shows that sweat isn’t gender neutral. And comfort creates efficiency. That’s why we address men’s and women’s bodies differently, zone by zone. Body mapping technology allows us to put the right amount of breathability and warmth where you need it most. That means details like mesh panels on Smartwool® PhD® tops where men sweat the most and women’s-specific breathability zones on PhD® socks. It all adds up to serious comfort, making you more efficient over the long haul.

Meet the World's Best Run Sock:  Gender specific venting keeps you cool; Reliawool™ Technology in high impact zones; 4 Degree Elite™ fit system for a dialed fit


When it comes to running socks, we believe that good enough is never good enough. Our PhD® running sock collection is 20 years, thousands of prototypes and millions of miles in the making. 

Our athletes and fan field testers put our running socks to the test all over the world on every type of terrain, from rugged mountain trails to road marathons, so we know what it takes to create the best socks. Technology like gender-specific fit and mesh zones for ultimate breathability, our 4 Degree® elite fit system and the performance of premium Merino all add up to more comfort over more miles.

Running socks with superior cushioning & different sock heights