Fabric & Construction


We make Merino wool more comfortable through innovative fabric creation and smart construction. We use thermal body mapping to create products that offer the right amount of wool for maximum comfort and performance; more wool in areas where the body tends to chill and less where the body tends to run hot. And when the sport and outside elements require it, we add other high-performance fabrics to make our products even smarter.


Next-to-Skin Baselayers: Merino next to your skin works with your body’s own heating and cooling system to keep your core temperature where it should be.

To personalize your baselayer system, we make three different baselayers weights for active pursuits anywhere, in any weather.

MerinoMax: 280g. By adding the perfect amount of stretch to the highest quality Merino, SmartWool MerinoMax products save money and closet space; functional and durable for layering in a wide range of weather conditions.

PhD® HyFi: 260-370g, Made from a bi-component fabric, Merino and Nylon, SmartWool® PhD® HyFi provides the best of both worlds: warmth, moisture management and the comfort of Merino next to skin and a nylon facing that offers wind and abrasion resistance.

SmartLoft: Created with proprietary wool insulation, PhD® SmartLoft products offer ultimate warmth while also remaining incredibly lightweight and compressible. Thanks to the magic of Merino, SmartLoft also regulates temperature better, stays warm when wet, and is machine washable.


Through specialized knitting technologies, we’ve created fabrics that maximize the benefits of Merino wool.

Jersey: A universal knit stitch that is used for a variety of garments.

Stretch Jersey: With stretch jersey knit we add a touch of elastic to the fabric for improved shape retention. This also allows the garment to easily conform to the natural shape of the body without bunching or binding.

Rib Knit: A knit that has vertical wales similar to corduroy. This knit offers a lot of cross stretch and recovery and is very flattering to the body. Because of the fabric’s resilience, we are able to cut a garment closer to the body while still delivering an extraordinary comfortable fit.

Interlock Knit: A very unique knit that looks like a grid or lattice work. We use interlock because it offers really good cross stretch and recovery. It also has a little more loft to the stitch. This means more air is trapped in the knit structure, which creates a warm microclimate next to skin. The loft also adds incredible softness to the garment.