Our Favorite Things


Smartwool employees are a special breed.


Our story started in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, seeking a way to thrive in an unpredictable mountain climate. It’s not easy to live in the mountains, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s where we work, play and of course, product test. From chilly morning laps at the ski area to snowmobiling in the backcountry, we never run out of places to put our products to the test and find our favorites.

Check out these staff picks from some folks around the office that live for getting outdoors. 


8-5: Executive Assistant

Off the Clock: Ripping skier, hiker, lover of all things mountain-life

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Women’s NTS Mid 250 Isto Sport

“One of the greatest aspects of this piece is the zipper. With it being off to the side, you get nice warm Merino next to your chin. No zipper hitting you in the chin or a cold zipper on a -32 day –- just soft Merino. I also love that when you unzip it, you get not only a punch of a different pattern, but an extension of more Merino! Then there is the zipper pocket. I like having my car keys in a safe spot where I know I won’t be reaching into during the day. I can happily grab my pass out of my pocket without worrying if I pulled out my key as well because they are safely inside the zipper pocket. It is amazing!!!”

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Women’s Double Propulsion 60 Pullover

“Personally, I don’t like extra bulk under my jacket, so this piece is our amazing Double Propulsion, minus the hood. It keeps you warm while skiing, and then keeps your back nice and warm on a cold chairlift ride. The collar is tall, giving you extra warmth under your neck gaiter. The collar can also be worn unbuttoned, for a flattering folded down look, making the transition from skiing to après super easy. It is warmth, without the excess bulk, which is heaven in my eyes.”


8-5: Athlete and Partnership Manager

Off the Clock: Pow surfer, snowmobiler, ultrarunner

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Men's NTS 250 Zip T

“The NTS 250 Zip T is my go-to piece for being in the backcountry. I typically layer with a Micro 150 Tee under the NTS 250 Zip then a shell on top of that. If it is really cold, I’ll add a Propulsion 60 Smartloft layer. I’m often on the go either on snowmobile or in the skin track, and being able to unzip the collar while being active really helps with temperature regulation. Then, being able to zip it up for that little extra warmth around the neck is perfect.”


8-5: Graphic & Multi-Media Designer

Off the Clock: Hiker, camper, lover of all things outdoors

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Women’s Corbet 120 Vest

“I wear this vest almost every day! The fit is really flattering over my everyday wear, and both interior & exterior pockets mean I never have to worry about losing my headphones or sunglasses when transitioning from day hike to happy hour. The insulation is mapped in just the right areas to keep you warm but not too hot, and it’s so lightweight it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. Best part of all -- despite being a fresh bright white, it’s super easy to keep clean and continues to look great after every wash.”


8-5: Sales Operations Coordinator

Off the Clock: Freeskier, trail runner, mountain biker

Favorite Smartwool piece:

PhD® Ultra Light Long Sleeve

“When I’m running, the last thing I want to think about is what I’m wearing. That’s where our PhD tops come in. The merino/poly blend offers an excellent combination of temperature regulation and light weight while minimizing odors. The targeted, strategically mapped mesh panels also help control my core temperature, on either hot or cold days. I’m rarely on the trail without one of these as either a baselayer or solo layer.”


8-5: Creative Services & Trafficking

Off the Clock: Rafter, dog lover, dawn patrol skier

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Camp House Beanie

“I love all of the Smartwool hats, especially the ones with the poms! The Camp House Beanie in particular is one of my favorites because it’s so cute. The colors are right up my alley; I wear it around town, on vacations and even out doing activities like skiing, dog walking and campfires. I’m someone that is always cold, so having a good hat helps me tremendously.”

Favorite Smartwool piece:

Women’s Crestone Sweater Jacket

“As for the sweater, this has been a great piece that I wear with leggings and jeans. Not only can I dress it up for going out on the town, but also wear it around the house with comfy leggings. It is cozy to the core!”