All-day comfort
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The Smartwool x FP Movement collection combines free-spirited fashion with the feeling of Merino wool.

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Advocacy Partners

Advocacy Partners

Our advocacy program revolves around partnering with organizations that align with our beliefs. Together, we are focused on fighting to protect our most treasured places and fostering a love of the outdoors in future generations while also providing access and equity to all communities.

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2nd Cut Project

The Second Cut Project

Old socks don’t need to get thrown away anymore. We’re giving each and every sock a second chance at life beyond the landfill. Send us your socks and we’ll get started giving them another opportunity to be something great.

Plant Based Dyes

Plant-Based Dyes

We’re switching to eco-conscious plant-based dyes in select colors of our Merino 150 and 250 apparel. From its sustainable nature to the plants that make it happen, dive deeper into our new dyeing process on our What Matters Hub.

Introducing ZQRx

Introducing ZQRx

We’re continuing to work with the New Zealand Merino Company on a new program that focuses on regenerative agriculture and Merino farming to draw down and capture Carbon from the atmosphere.