Cabin in British Columbia

Roam TV Episode 8: White Gold


Golden, British Columbia in February is the place to be. 

B.C.’s varied terrain and incredible snow make it an ideal backcountry playground. What better place to transport a crew of Smartwool athletes for a week of snow and solitude? 


Helicopter landing


We decided to turn the typical athlete ski trip on its head by bringing along an ultrarunner. Darcy was game to step out of her comfort zone and try a different type of backcountry excursion and the snow athletes were happy to have her along: it turns out ultrarunners are pros at breaking trail without breaking a sweat.


Roam TV Episode 8: White Gold

Smartwool Athletes backcountry ski British Columbia


The crew: Kalen Thorien, Big Mountain Skier  |  Blair Habenicht, Pro Snowboarder  |  Darcy Piceu, Pro Ultrarunner  |  Griffin Post, Big Mountain Skier


Darcy Skinning
Kalen slashing powder
Blair snowboarding down pillow stacks
Blair powder slash in black and white
Skinning to the hut

Lodge Life: The Meadow Lodge is a place like no other. It’s a place where procuring water requires hauling in buckets from a creek. Where you can only go in and out via helicopter. Where personal hygiene involves a sauna. No wi-fi? No problem when you’ve got Farkle at the ready. In short, it’s a place you can go and enjoy what this pocket of BC is all about: snow and solitude.

Medows Lodge in B.C.
Blair inside the lodge writing in his journal
PhD Snowboard Socks
Darcy rolling out
Kalen and Griffin skinning
Griffin in deep snow
Blair dropping pillows
Blair Method