Boat in the river

Roam TV Episode 7: Steelheads to Steeps


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest got Curtis Ciszek hooked on two things: Snowboarding and fishing.  Now a pro snowboarder, he spends a good chunk of his time on the mountain. But when he’s not slaying powder, he is going after a different beast – steelhead fish. Roam TV episode 7 follows Curtis from his quest for the elusive steelhead to the steeps of Retallack.


Roam TV Episode 7: Steelheads to Steeps

Curtis Ciszek is a fly fishing guide and a professional snowboarder. We follow him through the transition between seasons.


The Deschutes River in Oregon is known for stunning scenery and world-class fishing. What better place for Curtis to share his off-season passion? Fellow Smartwool athlete Austin Smith came along for the ride and quickly realized why ten percent of ‘steelheaders’ catch ninety percent of the fish.

After getting their fill of river life, they headed north. Picking up Bryan Fox along the way, the crew then transitioned from whitecaps to pillow lines and landed in Retallack, BC. There they found the massive backcountry playground the perfect place to enjoy some early-season laps and get into a winter weather mindset. 


Curtis Casting with John Ramsey
Running line through a fly rod
Curtis with a Steelhead fish
Grouping of snowboards
Curtis Snowboarding
Curtis jumping off ridgeline
Curtis bootpacking out of the snow
Curtis big air method