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A few facts about the new women's PHD® Run Socks


Our new PhD® Run Socks for women have some pretty great features. And we’re not just talking about “shrink and pink”, making them in smaller sizes and throwing in some feminine patterns. We’ve put serious sock science to work in our new line, looking at what makes a woman’s foot unique and how to make these socks the best-fitting, most comfortable running socks available.

One size doesn’t fit all. In general, men’s and women’s feet are shaped differently. That’s why we developed our new run socks with a women’s-specific fit. Women tend to have a narrower foot that tapers more towards the heel than a man’s foot, so our new socks have an overall narrower profile and smaller heel volume. If you’ve ever felt like you have extra room in the heel of your sock, these are the socks for you. The result is a better, more streamlined fit than you might get with a unisex sock.


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We also created women’s-specific mesh zones. What exactly does that mean? Here’s the scoop: there are roughly 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet- that’s a lot of sweat that needs to escape when you’re out for a run. And thermal body mapping shows that men’s and women’s feet sweat differently, so we gave our women’s socks their own breathability zones. We placed the women’s zones right where their feet run the hottest and need the most room to breathe. We also made the zones a different pattern than the men’s versions, so you can clearly see the difference.

In addition to all of that socks science, we realize that not everyone wants just white or black socks; we want our socks to look good, too. That’s why the new socks feature signature SmartWool® style, with new colors, patterns and heights to fit pretty much any runner’s style. Give ’em a try and tell us what you think!


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PhD Run Light Elite Socks

Women's specific fit and the right cushioning where you need it.