Where in the world is Austin now?

That’s a good question, since it seems like the pro snowboarder has been pretty much everywhere this winter searching for the best
snow to ride. From traveling to Retallak, British Columbia with the SmartWool crew to film an episode of the upcoming Roam TV series,
to venturing to the far reaches of Mongolia, Austin is always up for an adventure. In early December, Austin and crew released a mini movie,
Mediocre Madness,
that they filmed and edited. So now the only question is, where to next?


Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Austin realized pretty early on that snowboarding was his passion. Originally from Bellingham, WA, Austin moved with his family to Bend, Oregon as a teenager and has been calling Mt. Bachelor his home mountain ever since. When he’s not riding, filming snowboard movies or traveling the globe searching for the best snow, you'll find Austin promoting Drink Water, which he co-founded with good friend and fellow SmartWool Teammate, Bryan Fox. Together they encourage people, especially kids, to ditch the energy drinks they don’t need and grab a glass of water, then donate a portion of the proceeds to water.org.



What’s in Austin’s Kit?

Austin’s a light packer, so the pieces that he does include in his bag have to be versatile and pull their weight.
Here’s a sample of merino wool socks and baselayers that he brings along.