May 11th. 2013, Austin, TX Closed
June 8th. 2013, Atlanta, GA Enter To Win
June 22nd. 2013, Nashville, TN Enter To Win
July 20th. 2013, Chicago, IL Enter To Win
August 10th. 2013, Boulder, CO Enter To Win
August 18th. 2013, Seattle, WA Enter To Win
September 28th. 2013, San Jose, CA Enter To Win
October 26th. 2013, Los Angeles, CA Enter To Win

May 4th.-5th. 2013, Bear Mountain, NY Race Info
June 1st.-2nd. 2013, Washington D.C. Race Info
September 14th.-15th. 2013, Madison, WI Race Info
September 28th.-29th. 2013, Atlanta, GA Race Info
December 7th.-8th. 2013, San Francisco, CA (Champaionships) Race Info

March 23rd. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. River Gorge Trail Race
April 20th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Chickamauga Chase Trail Race
May 18th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Scenic Citry Trail Marathon
June 14th.-16th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race
August 10th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Rock/Creek Still Hollow Trail Race
September 15th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Southern 6K Trail Race and Kids K
October 5th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN. Stump Jump
November 9th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN Upchuck 50 Trail Race
December 14th. 2013, Chattanooga, TN Lookout Mountain 50M and 10K

November 14th. 2013, Vail CO. First Tracks
Novemeber 30th. -December 2nd. 2013,Beaver Creek Resort, CO. Birds of Prey
U.S. Freestyle International
Nature Valley US Alpine Championships

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