Cyclists wearing highly breathable wool cycling socks from Smartwool


Smartwool Cycling Socks and Accessories


Roll in comfort with highly breathable and lightweight PhD® wool cycling socks, proudly designed in Boulder, Colorado and made in the finest mills in the US. Whether your biking legs prefer tacky single track or long ribbons of road, the longer a ride lasts, the more important comfortable cycling socks become.

Cyclists wearing highly breathable wool cycling socks from Smartwool


Cycling Socks


PhD® wool cycling socks are designed for the long ride. We wanted to create cycling socks that fit so well, you forget you’re wearing them, even after a full day on the saddle. So that’s what we did.

Get a custom fit from our wool cycling socks by choosing the right sock height and level of cushioning for you. Our 4 Degree™ elite fit system makes sure your wool bike socks don’t bunch or slip in your shoe, which helps prevent blisters and irritation. Mesh venting allows air to circulate, adding to the natural breathability of wool cycling socks. Soft, ultra-fine Merino wool helps move sweat away from your foot, resists odors and keeps feet comfortable even when that foot-drenching puddle comes out of nowhere. And when you hang your helmet up for the day, the easy care benefits of Merino mean those cycling socks are washer and dryer friendly. When the going gets cool, our arm warmers add an extra layer of adjustable, easy to stash warmth. Ride on, because we’ve got comfort covered.

Chart that shows heights and cushioning options for wool cycling socks
Cyclists wearing highly breathable wool cycling socks from Smartwool


Rally Quicker with Wool Compression Sleeves


No matter how fit you are, logging all those miles can really take a toll on your legs. Wool compression calf sleeves worn during recovery or even during intense exercise can help you recover better and faster. Our compression calf sleeves are specifically engineered with graduated compression and mesh zones for better support and moisture management. They combine the recovery-enhancing benefits of compression with the performance-enhancing benefits of Merino. And no worries about maintenance - they can go right in the washer and dryer with your cycling socks, so you’ll be ready for another epic ride.

digram showing cycling compression socks features