Ski Clothes, Socks, and Accessories


From parking lot tailgating to backcountry laps, our collection of comfortable ski clothing makes every moment better. Merino wool ski clothes, baselayer clothing, mid layers and ski socks help regulate temperature, manage moisture and resist odors to keep you comfortable in a wide range of conditions.


Meet the New PhD® Ski Socks 


Ski socks that fit right make for a better day on the hill, so we’ve created an entire collection with a variety of cushion options. Whether you need extra padding on your sole, shin, calf, or whole foot, you’ll find each style comes with flat toe seams for long-term comfort. Smartwool technology provides support, while Merino wool keeps your feet warm and dry so you can ski all day long.


Layers of Comfortable Wool Ski Clothes


Layering is the foundation for performance, and when you start with our Merino wool underwear next to skin, you’ve got a foundation for warmth and breathability. Next add a wool midlayer and wool ski socks. Top off your set-up with a water-resistant outer layer, pull on some ski gloves and a ski hat (either alone or as a liner under a helmet) and you’re ready to tear up the mountain. So whether you’re out for lunch laps or a week-long tour, our full line of ski clothes will help keep you warm, dry and ready for another run.

Angel Collinson in Alaska

Angel Collinson skis with SmartWool in Alaska