hiking in merino 150

150 Ways To Merino 150



Warm weather? Cool weather? No problem. Our Merino 150 products can handle whatever adventure comes your way. They were designed to be year-round must-haves, so you can do more of what you love with less.

Whether you’re casting dry flies to rising trout, laughing around the campfire till your belly aches or treating the pup to a day at the dog park—there are plenty of ways to use your Merino 150. Here are 150 of them. 



1. Venturing into the wilderness

2. Chasing new experiences on a summer abroad

3. Stepping onto the Pacific Crest Trail

4. Carving fresh corduroy on a bluebird day

5. Sunrise summiting Mt. Bierstadt

6. Splitting breakfast with the sunrise in Cinque Terre

7. Airing out on Pitch 4 of Rewritten in Eldora

8. Snuggling up with a hot water bottle at night on Rainier

9. Glimpsing Fitz Roy on the horizon for the first time

10. Cruising around Bend, OR on your favorite fixie

11. Working that stubborn V6 proj in Red Rocks

12. Exploring the cobblestone streets of Bruges

13. Hiking into “No Tellum Creek”

14. Taking it easy at the farmer’s market

15. Scrambling up the approach to Half Dome

16. Shredding some deep, untouched pow in Jackson Hole

17. Earning turns somewhere just beyond Aspen

18. Counting stars under the sky

19. Following your feet to new adventures in Yosemite

20. Laughing around the campfire in Joe’s Valley

21. Backpacking the South Rim in Big Bend

22. Hanging out on the Precipice trail in Acadia

23. Snowshoeing in a still, serene winter Yellowstone

24. Sharing sun salutations with the orange arches in Utah

25. Fly fishing the first hatch of summer

fly fishing in merino 150

26. Finding your happy place amongst giant redwoods

27. Seeking out the secret waterfalls in Oahu

28. Powering through the last 2 miles of your hike 

29. Plunging into the crystal clear (cold) water in Tamolitch Pool

30. Getting the perfect pic of lions stalking on the serengeti

31. Braving the bazaar in Marrakech

32. Choosing bike paths over crowded highways

33. Creating new memories with old friends

34. Sampling the suds in San Diego

35. Pushing the final pitch in the Grand Tetons

36. Instagramming the sunset from Key Largo

37. Escaping to a place untouched by cell phone coverage

38. Roaming through new cities

39. Setting up camp under starry skies

40. Barreling down highway 101

41. Exploring from sun up till sun down in Banff 

42. Cleaning up your local crag

43. Volunteering to teach others about the outdoors

44. Skinning up the hill on a bluebird afternoon

45. Sea kayaking from island to island in New England

46. Gliding down dunes in White Sands National Park

47. Taking in the cliffs, sea spray, and ruins of Tulum

48. Paragliding out past the Julian Alps

49. Drying out after a day of canyoneering in the Grand Canyon

50. Treating the pup to a day at the dog beach 

playing fetch in Merino 150

51. Traversing the fast wilderness of Alaska

52. Enjoying the beauty of the Bugaboos

53. Skimming through the Everglades

54. Dreaming about your next adventure in Canyonlands

55. Uncovering the mysteries of Mesa Verde

56. Bouldering your heart out in Joshua Tree

57. Spelunking in Carlsbad

58. Sojourning through Zion national park

59. Ambling through the Swedish Alps

60. Sending in the Dolomites

61. Getting a better view of Mt. Greylock

62. High-sticking dry flies in the Sawtooth Range

63. Squeezing in some new views in the Canadian Rockies

64. Trekking up to Camp 3

65. Training for summer/winter/fall/spring

66. Leaving civilization in the rear view mirror

67. Settling in for an evening of s’mores and cocoa

68. Trying out the local cuisine in Vietnam

69. Abandoning your fear of the unknown

70. Making your van your forever home

71. Wandering through the Badlands

72. Owning that stand-up-pedal-your-heart-out vertical gain

73. Sweating your a$$ off in Death Valley

74. Writing your name the powder at Rusutsu

75. S.U.P.ing it up down the Dirty Devil River

suping in merino 150

76. Road tripping from coast to coast

77. Learning how to be spontaneous

78. Skinning up untouched, snowy peaks

79. Tying onto the sharp end

80. Fighting back the screaming barfies

81. Flying down the slopes of Chamonix        

82. Pulling on a pack and getting after it in RMNP

83. Jumping from activity to activity all year long

84. Going out past where you’ve been before

85. Soaking in the Aurora Borealis in Denali

86. Weekend warrior-ing the work week away

87. Trail running the Tahoe Rim Trail in Nevada

88. Leaning into the wind on Mt. Washington

89. Showering in the rain in Northern California

90. Climbing the winding trails to Machu Picchu

91. Cooking breakfast miles and miles from anywhere

92. Waking up well above tree line

93. Drinking coffee on a portaledge  

94. Dangling between responsible adult and dirt-bagger

95. Feeling the sun on your face as it rises

96. Binging trail after trail after trail in White River National Forest

97. Listening to the wind whip through the pines on the Pacific Northwest

98. Laying out for a frisbee snag

99. Packing only one shirt on your trip to South America

100. Taking a moment to revel over your personal best record 

biking in merino 150

101. Backpacking with your four-legged best friend

102. Sleeping under the stars in the Great Smoky Mountains

103. Reflecting on the beauty of Crater Lake

104. Splashing through rivers in British Columbia

105. Reordering your priorities to the sound of rain on your tent

106. Joining that group ride you’ve always wanted to join

107. Shoveling snow off your tent so it doesn’t cave in Chile

108. Racking up mile after mile of vertical gains in the Appalachian Mountains

109. Expanding your definition of backcountry in Telluride

110. Tending 70 meters of rope and ambition in Clear Creek Canyon

111. Bringing your friends to wild, new places

112. Sneaking in one more lap of the Boulder Reservoir before sunset

113. Zooming through the trees in chest-deep pow pow

114. Dropping in to an untouched backcountry via helicopter

115. Telling ghost stories around a campfire near Red River

116. Scarfing down soggy PB&Js on powder days in Sugarbush

117. Discovering the raw, volcanic power of Mauna Loa

118. Clearing trails in the Jungles of Costa Rica

119. Leading your first pitch on Stone Mountain, NC

120. Lacing up your boots for the first time this season

121. Racing down roads in San Fran on your longboard

122. Moving out past your boundaries to a new adventure

123. Practicing your Tai Chi on a beach in Big Sur

124. Popping open a cold one on the summit of Pikes Peak

125. Imagining what new adventures tomorrow will bring

hiking in merino 150

126. Holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa with all the other tourists

127. Paddling through the Emerald Caves in the Black Canyon, NV

128. Hopping off the train to do all the 14ers in Durango, CO

129. Charging down the steepest runs in Vail

130. Setting up your crash pads in Squamish

131. Sailing out past the breakers

132. Sitting in your bivy, taking in the sunrise above the clouds

133. Loading up the car for an epic trip to Hueco, TX

134. Mustering that last drop of energy to push for the summit

135. Inhaling a burger after finishing the Maroon Bells Loop

136. Weathering the storm on the trail with friends under a tarp

137. Fixing up a gourmet camp meal with spam, cheese, and instant potatoes

138. Whipping 20 feet on bomber gear in Indian Creek

139. Waxing your board on Huntington Beach, CA

140. Strolling through the Greenbelt in Austin, TX

141. Being overwhelmed by all the glorious powder on Blackcomb

142. Staying nice and comfy after a grueling 16 hour hike

143. Roaring through the snow and ice on a new snowmobile

144. Staking down your tent just past tree line

145. Filling up your water bottle from a mountain stream

146. Taking it easy after a day of mashed potato runs

147. Crawling up rocks in your 4x4 on Como road, CO

148. Letting the beauty of untamed places capture you

149. Diving into the cool, clear water of Flathead Lake, MT

150. Giving into adventure time and time again

hiking in merino 150