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Gear Up: The Best Warm Socks for Toddlers

There’s a common misconception that you must set aside your own wants and needs once you have children. We beg to differ. The challenge isn’t putting the things you love on hold, it’s learning how to incorporate your kid into the things you love. If nature is your sacred space, we encourage you to dress your kid in warm clothing and venture outside.

In fact, there are strong arguments in favor of getting your kids outside early on in their lives. This article from the Child Mind Institute cites several ways time spent in nature can benefit children. Instilling a love for the outdoors in children from an early age helps build confidence, promotes creativity, and reduces stress. It also provides non-electronic stimulation, which is huge given recent studies indicating kids spend 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured play outdoors, and more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen.

It’s never too early to begin sharing your passion for outdoor adventure with your kids. In fact, it’s not unusual for fans of babywearing—the practice of hiking with your child strapped into a harness—to hit the trail with a four-week-old infant.

But it’s most exciting when your kiddos start walking and begin discovering the magic of nature for themselves. Getting ready may take a bit longer, but spending the extra time equipping your kid for adventure means you’ll both have a more enjoyable time outside. The item that’s often overlooked? Warm toddler socks. Make sure they get started on the right foot by outfitting them with the best toddler wool socks.

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What to Look for in Kids Socks


Comfort is the number one factor, so start with a good amount of cushioning to protect their feet. A good fit is also important, to avoid socks that slip and bunch up inside the shoe. Look for toddler wool socks that are slightly snug, but not too tight. If they’re too tight they can restrict blood flow and cause toes to get cold.

If your mini adventurer is like most toddlers—always on the move—durability is another important consideration. Even toddlers can be tough on socks! The ideal warm socks for toddlers are strong enough to withstand everything from puddle stomping to snow fort building.

Why are warm socks for toddlers so important? While babies spend the whole trek riding on your back, toddlers like to get out and explore their surroundings. It’s unlikely their little legs will get them around the entire day, so unless you’re taking a very short hike, your kiddo will probably end up back in the harness. You may generate plenty of your own heat by hauling the extra baggage, but the kid in the carrier will rely on protective clothing for warmth.

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Why Wool Socks Are Best


The type of fabric used is a key element to consider when buying warm socks for your toddler. Comfort level and durability will mostly be determined by the material and construction and this is where Merino wool shines brightest.

Whether we’re talking about adults or kids, wool is one of the best materials for wicking away moisture and regulating temperature. Merino wool is soft and itch-free, insulating the foot while allowing the skin to breathe. Toddler Merino wool socks help keep little feet cozy and dry.

By making their first outside experiences easy on the feet, you’ll be setting up your young explorer to enjoy more adventures on the trails, slopes, rocks and beyond.