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The Art of the Outdoors: Bryan Iguchi

For Fall 2019, we've collaborated with three unique and talented artists, athletes, and storytellers to bring to life their unique blend of self expression, passion, and love of the outdoors.

Meet legendary snowboarder, painter and Smartwool athlete, Bryan Iguchi.

bryan by the campfire

 Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m an introvert and I live in a hole… Jackson Hole, WY. It brings me many moments of solitude and peace. I’m a husband and a father making a living as a professional snowboarder.

How did you fall in love with the outdoors and creating?

I grew up in California and my first love was the ocean, so I learned how to surf, skateboard and evolved into a snowboarder. When I started snowboarding, I fell in love with the mountains, the snowfall, the stark contrast of seasons, and the moments of solitude. 

bryan snowboarding
bryan snowboarding

Can you describe your style of art? Why did you choose this as your main medium?

I’m just learning by doing. I have no traditional training or education in the arts but I really like to draw, paint and try to create things from my imagination.

Where do you find your inspiration outdoors?

Inspiration comes to me in waves, cloud formations, swift current, landscapes and the feeling a storm brings to life. 

What is important to you about balancing art, life, and being outdoors? 

I think we all need time to dream and cultivate inspiration, time to engage in activities, and time to rest and reflect. 

bryan iguchi

What has been your most memorable adventure?

Becoming a father.

We’re excited to feature your art across a range of socks and graphic tees. Which of your collab items turned out to be your favorite?

My socks, I just love the multi-dimensional shape that stretch, bend and conform to fit perfectly. 

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Check out this video to learn more about Bryan, and be sure to follow him on Instagram @bryaniguchi




Art of the Outdoors: Bryan Iguchi

The Art of the Outdoors: Bryan Iguchi