Happy Earth Week!


Celebrating Earth Day from Home 


We're proud to partner with some amazing advocacy groups to help get people outside and protect our awe-inspiring environment. While this Earth Day may be different than past years, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and support the places we play.

Read on for a list of ideas and events for how to stay impactful even while staying home.




1. Let's come together this Earth Day in shared gratitude for the many ways in which the earth sustains us. Celebrate a sense of awe and the personal transformations that take place through expanded access to experiences in nature with Big City Mountaineers.


2. Become an expert on the U.S. Public Lands system, learn about conservation policy-making, and explore ways to advocate on behalf of your favorite places with engaging educational content from The Conservation Alliance.


3. Now, more than ever, it's more important that we value our earth and act for its protection. Learn how you can take action for our planet from our friends and partners at The Nature Conservancy.


4. You can celebrate the human connection piece of SOS Outreach's mission this Earth Day by helping to provide kids with the opportunity to learn and grow from outdoor exploration. Because it's on the slopes or the trail that kids unearth the courage to step outside of their comfort zones, discover new strengths within themselves, and develop lifelong skills.


5. Earth Day might look a little different this year, but there are ways you can still connect to nature from your home—explore The Nature Conservancy's Nature Lab, where students and their families can learn about science from conservation experts.


6. Get a jump start on the 2020 City Nature Challenge. It's just around the corner! You can help collect valuable scientific data from your backyard or neighborhood (while social distancing, of course!) Learn more from The Nature Conservancy Colorado if you are in our home state of Colorado, or find a challenge near you.


7. While climate change can't be tackled alone, it can be solved with a great community of passionate people ready to take a stand for their natural playgrounds. Join Protect Our Winters on Earth Day along with founder and president Jeremy Jones and climber Tommy Caldwell to participate in the "Outdoor State of Mind" series.


8. Read up on the latest round of 24 small non-profit organizations that just received grants through The Conservation Alliance. If there's one near you, consider getting in touch and seeing what you could do to help support their efforts in your community. 



How are you celebrating Earth Day this year? Share with us by tagging @smartwool & #gofarfeelgood. 



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