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The Inside Scoop on Smartwool Gifts

We got the 'band' together to discuss some of their favorite gifts that you might not know about. Of course, our classic Merino 250 base layers are great gifts for skiers and our Merino wool hats and gloves are classic gifts for everyone—but, if you're looking for something extra special or a little different for your friends or family, you might find it below.

Women's Compression Virtual Voyager Print OTC Socks


Jennifer – eCommerce Marketing and Merchandising Manager

My favorite Smartwool gift to give is our compression socks. A lot of people don't know that we make really amazing Merino wool compression socks. My relatives already love our socks, but they absolutely love our compression socks—especially for traveling. And now, every time they travel, they think of me.

Men's Smartloft-X 60 Vest


Scott – Vice President of Global Sales

The Smartloft-X 60 vest is my go-to layer for everything. I usually use it as an added outer layer over a 150 or 250 base layer when temps are fluctuating up and down, or it works great as mid layer that insulates under a shell in the right places while still giving my arms and shoulders the freedom to move. It also works great for aerobic adventures, especially for early morning skin sessions up the mountain when you start cold and heat up quickly. It's the perfect gift for your active friends.

Merino 250 Reversible Pattern Neck Gaiter


Sarah – Director of eCommerce

My go-to gift is the Merino 250 Reversible Pattern Neck Gaiter. This year it’s available in fun patterns and colors so I can easily match my giftees' personalities. This a such a great item to tuck into your jacket pocket in case the temperature starts to drop when you're out for a hike or walking the dog at night. It can also save hat hair moments when used as a headband. And it's great on the slopes! It can fit it into a card or wrap around a bottle of wine a couple of times and is super cheap to mail. At first, everyone I have given it to has wondered, "what is this super-soft thing," until they start using it. And the "thank yous" just don’t stop coming all year long. 

Women's Isto Hand Warmer


Hannah – Brand Visual Merchandiser

My favorite gift to give is the Women's Isto Hand Warmers. Not only do they keep my hands warm and cozy while giving my fingers the freedom to design store vignettes and window displays galore, they also help keep my friends' hands comfortable even when they're checking their phone and visiting me in the city!

Women's Smartloft 60 Hoodie Vest


Summer – D2C Inventory Manager

My favorite thing to gift is the Women’s Smartloft 60 Hoodie Vest. I wear mine all the time—to the office, traveling, and even under a shell. They're the perfect item to carry around in case the weather changes a tad. I also wear it hiking in the fall and snowboarding in the winter. 

Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew Socks


Gina – Women’s Socks Product Line Manager

My favorite gift to give is the Extra Heavy Mountaineering Sock. This sock is the thickest sock we make, and it is great for lounging around the house or wearing in your warmest snow boots! My dad calls these his ‘slippers’ for when he comes over to my house— he always changes into them.

Men's Merino Sport 150 Boxer Brief


Josh – Sr. eCommerce Operations Manager

While I might not recommend this gift for your kids' teacher, my favorite gift to give is Men’s Merino 150 boxer briefs. Without fail, every time I’ve given these, I receive comments about how amazing they are! Perfect for those who only know us for our awesome socks, our Merino wool boxers are just as comfortable and stink-free for your friend’s nether regions! Help save the tightly whitey wearers in your life from continued embarrassment.

Hunt Full Cushion Tall Crew Socks


Jon – Business Operations Analyst

My favorite gift is always cozy socks. Putting on a fresh pair of Smartwool® socks always feels amazing. They are like little pillows on my feet that help me approach my day. My preferred cushioning is Light Elite, but there is also something special about putting on a heavy pair of hike or trekking socks. When giving socks to friends and family, I know that I’m helping them stay comfortable wherever their day might take them. A little tip—our PhD® Hunt socks are some of our warmest socks. 

Men's Sparwood Crew Sweater


Sarah – Apparel Tech Designer

I have A LOT of men in my family… My dad, 3 brothers, 4 uncles, Grandpa, Father-in-law… the Men’s Sparwood Crew sweater works for ALL of them. It’s a simple and easy look with flattering color options. And it is SO SOFT

Spring Glove


Robin – Director of Sustainability

My fave gift to give is the Spring Glove. A classic Smartwool® piece that never fails to delight. Our Spring Gloves are perfect for spring skiing in Steamboat, driving to and from work in San Francisco down a foggy highway 101, or window shopping in Banff near our Smartwool® store. Super versatile, good-lookin’ and won’t EVER quit on you—the perfect combo for a holiday gift. They are always received with delight and gratitude! 

Kids' Merino 250 Neck Gaiter


Blair – Loyalty Manager

The Kids' Merino 250 Neck Gaiter is a crucial accessory when skiing/snowboarding with kids. Small kid’s jackets usually don’t have the technical attributes adult ski jackets do. A lot of times they don’t provide protection around the chin and face from snow wind that adult jackets do especially when they are growing like weeds. Keeping a kid’s face warm while skiing is important as it will dictate a 5-minute ski session or a 5-hour day. Help keep those faces warm with the Kids' Merino 250 Neck Gaiter.


Still can't find the perfect gift? Take this 4 step quiz and find the perfect match. Happy gifting!


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