hiking in the summer

A Guide to Wearing Wool in the Summer



As the days start getting longer and the temperature heats up, it may be tempting to pack away your Merino clothes and bust out the flip-flops. However, a less extreme approach might be in your best interest; you can subtly transition to wearing wool in the summer with just a few tips.



Know Your Summer Wool Fabric 

While cotton is light and breathable, it’s not ideal for warm weather because it absorbs moisture and holds it next to your skin. For any situation in which sweat is a possibility, you’ll be more comfortable in a summer weight wool, which wicks moisture away from the skin, helping keep you cooler and drier. Not only does wool help keep you cool in summer, but Merino wool in hot humid weather doesn’t wilt or wrinkle like cotton and linen.

Wool and polyester blends are ideal for adventuring, because they combine the softness and natural odor-resistance of wool with the durability of poly. A few versatile, quick-drying pieces of summer weight wool clothing will take you far. 

Merino wool in the summer

Be Prepared with Layers

In many locations, the weather can change on a dime. In this case, one thoughtful way of wearing wool in the summer is to dress in (or bring) two or three layers of Merino clothes. There’s no need to go nuts — a simple Merino 150 base layer under a regular shirt might be all you need. You can toss on a light hoodie if you live in an especially unpredictable climate.

The best thing about summer weight wool base layers is that when the weather really heats up, they become your high-performance stand-alone tees and tanks. 

layered up in Merino wool

Carefully Rotate Your Merino Clothes

Go ahead and pack up your winter base layers (but make sure to wash them first) as you prepare for wearing wool in the summer. We recommend storing socks and sweaters flat, rather than rolled up, to preserve their shape.

As you’re sorting out your winter clothes, keep an eye out for pieces that can still be worn through the warmer months. You may already have summer weight wool clothing in your regular rotation, e.g. sleeveless wool base layers that you wear under a sweater in winter can now serve as summer tank tops. Modern wool underwear and bras can easily be worn year round, and are just as perfect under shorts as they are under ski pants.

Running in Merino wool

Embrace Color and Pattern

Summer is a time to celebrate, but of course without sacrificing performance and quality. When wearing wool in the summer, it’s great to have essential pieces in neutral colors that can be worn with anything — but sometimes you just want to show your wild side.

Break with bad weather and tradition with a downright joyful piece of warm weather clothing. A striped Merino 150 short-sleeved base layer or printed hike socks can set the stage for a summer of fun.

Merino wool socks in the summer

Finally: Adventure Smarter, Not Harder

It’s simple, really: be strategic about wearing wool in the summer and you’ll never let the weather stop you from being a trailblazing warrior.


Merino wool in the summer