conrad anker hiking



Learn a range of great hiking tricks from a PRO—Conrad Anker



We asked the leader of movement and inspiration to many, Smartwool® athlete and professional climber, Conrad Anker to share some fundamental hiking tricks with us.

Never forget items

I like to pack a small first aid kit that contains athletic tape (for just about anything), bandaids (small scrapes), tweezers (splinters and ticks), sterile dressing (obvious), a food gel for diabetic friends and a small amount of lip balm/sunblock. 


I like to toast hearty bread and make a honey PB sandwich. If I tuck the sandwich into a reused plastic bag the humidity of the bread condenses into the sandwich. This makes the snack I little chewier and more durable. I enjoy small apples as they cleanse the palate and are easy to transport. I'll mix a hot drink in the cold months and a tart drink for the warm months. Sometimes I choose "no food" as the goal is to get a little hungry. Of course, if the goal of getting out is a picnic then the whole goal is how gourmand can we make the vittles.


For safety look at each situation from the lens a worst-case scenario. What could go wrong and what would the consequences be? This can keep us from having something unexpected pop-up. I advise family and close friends where I am going. 


Some music via small headphones while carrying a big pack makes the day goes easier. If I'm near a road and can hear motor vehicles a small speaker is OK. Mostly I'm happy to hear the sounds of nature. 


Start slowly with loose shoes and an extra layer. Once you warm up, shed a layer and snug your shoes. Seeing as I'm not racing anyone this is a good way not redline too soon and then make sure my footwear and socks are working together to prevent blisters.


If you can get outside responsibly, we want to see what you’re up to. Let us know what spring activities make you smile and what Merino gear is helping you feel good. Tag us (@smartwool) and use  #gofarfeelgood.