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On Capitol Hill with Protect Our Winters

We love powder turns, crisp bluebird skies and November-to-May ski seasons. This love of winter is what motivates us to protect it. We proudly partner with Protect Our Winters (POW), because they are leading the charge to affect systemic political solutions to climate change. They work to ensure our elected officials hear our voices to make proper policy decisions for our planet.

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, winter camping, fat biking, or recreating outside at all—combating climate change matters. But it also goes beyond winter. A stable winter means healthy water flows for fishing, kayaking and rafting. It means a lower risk of drought and intense wildfires. It’s a domino effect; each season relies on the other for a balanced ecosystem.

POW elevates our impact. The nonprofit mobilizes communities across the country to take climate change action. Robin Hall, Smartwool Retail Director, joined POW on Capitol Hill to advocate for investing in clean energy, funding climate research and greenhouse gas reporting, and recognizing the impact of climate change on the outdoor industry.

Capitol Hill

Bringing data, passion and purpose to representatives on both sides of the aisle, Robin shares five things she learned from her experience on Capitol Hill with POW.

1)     Reversing the negative impacts of climate change is crucial.

I am a winter fanatic. When I moved to Colorado 15 years ago from the San Francisco Bay area, I quickly fell in love with its seasons. I have seen them evolve and diminish drastically over the years and it is very difficult to watch. I want to ensure that my family and I can ski in these beautiful Colorado mountains for the rest of our lives and for generations to come.  

2)     Climate change is a bipartisan issue.

I truly believe that the outdoors is the great equalizer. It is free to everyone, regardless of age, gender, income, race, political affiliation and sexual orientation. The outdoors and public lands are this nation’s greatest assets. Our health and happiness rely on them. Colorado’s winter economy depends on snow. To keep our mountain communities economically strong and vibrant, we must save snow. Living in one of those special mountain communities, it’s important to me that Smartwool and other outdoor brands continue to thrive in the current environmental climate, as these jobs support so many families.

On Capitol Hill

3)     Make your voice heard.

There are so many important issues at the forefront of politics and government. But only one affects every person and species on this planet. The qualitative and quantitative evidence is obvious—if we don’t do something about this now, future generations will suffer drastically. There was a time when women’s right to vote was one of the biggest issues our country was talking about. Thanks to the ardent efforts and loud voices of many, the women’s suffrage movement gained incredible momentum and women won the right to vote. It takes conversation, diligence and passion. Won’t it be great when reducing the effects of climate change is such an inherent part of our daily lives?

4)     You CAN make a difference.

Vote, vote the outdoors, and call your politicians in your community, your state and those who represent you in DC. In Washington, I saw my voice being heard in action. While we were in waiting rooms of Senators and Representatives, we saw interns and staff answering phones nonstop, documenting their constituent’s wants and needs. You have a voice and they want to hear it.

5)     Support POW.

POW is an incredibly powerful and well-respected organization that is leading the fight against climate change and creating dialogue where it matters—through governmental policy. There are many ways each of us as individuals can help reduce the effects of climate change. But, the best way to invoke change at the highest level is via policy. POW is helping Smartwool employees to better understand climate change and they are pushing change in Washington DC.

Inspired? Channel that energy! Learn more about why we partner with POW and how you can make a difference at    


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