Smartwool employee community service day

Smartwool Employees Give Back


Contributing to our Playgrounds: Steamboat Springs, Boulder, and Chattanooga


Nearly all activities we participate in take place in the outdoors, no question about it. And now, more than ever, it is important for us to give back. Not only to our environment but also to the communities in which we work hard to play harder in. For over ten years, Smartwool has offered its employees up to 40 hours of paid community service time annually. Out of those 40 hours, we take 8 hours twice a year to participate in our company-wide service days. Our offices stretch from Steamboat Springs and Boulder, Colorado, all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee.


This year the Steamboat Springs crew started the morning by either trail running, mountain biking or carpooling from the office to one of our favorite and most popular playgrounds - Buffalo Pass.


Smartwool employees Buffalo Pass
Smartwool employee mountain bike Buffalo Pass


Here the Steamboat crew spilt up into two groups. The first group was dedicated to assisting local nonprofit Routt County Riders on the completion of the newest multi-use trail in area. The second partnered with the Forest Service to completely revamp one of the most popular campgrounds on Buff pass. 


Smartwool employees working on a new Buffalo Pass trail
Smartwool employees working on a Buffalo Pass campground


This year, our Boulder team spent the day tackling clean-up of Boulder Creek and met up with Rocky Mountain Anglers for an educational piece from spatial ecologist, Brian Tavernia.


Boulder Smartwool employees community day
Boulder Smartwool employees cleaning up Boulder Creek


Our sock developers in Chattanooga spilt into two groups and spent the day either cleaning up a portion of the Tennessee River or sprucing up a community garden.


Smartwool Chattanooga employees cleaning up a river


Our Smartwool community service days are a great opportunity to not only support our communities, but also a chance to give our inboxes a much-needed day off, soak in some vitamin D, and share some laughs with our coworkers.