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Socks Made In The USA:

The Hands That Make


We're proud to be one of the premier sock manufacturers in the USA, and we are even more proud of the people behind our socks. Dozens of pairs of hands touch every single sock to ensure that they meet our standards for comfort, fit, and durability. It's time we celebrated those people.

Meet the Hands that Make


Our performance socks are USA made, down in the South-East region of the country and have been since 1994. The people behind our socks have been working with us since then too. There are generations of sock makers and decades upon decades of experience. We use specialized equipment to help construct our socks, but the array of technicians, quality assessment teams, and the other highly skilled people across the mill are truly the key to delivering an amazing sock. 

Socks Made in the USA: Hands That Make

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rodrigo garza sock krill specialist


Rodrigo Garza

Knitter / Creeler / Spare

Rodrigo is crossed trained to do the job of a knitter or a creeler. If he is knitting, his main function is to check socks on the set of 32 machines and ensure they are being knit within our quality standards. He is also in charge of catching any error lights. If he is creeling, he is tasked with ordering, tying, and threading up a set of 80 knitting machines with the correct yarn.

Years of Service: 5 years


Joe Moses

Line Fixer

Role Description: Joe is responsible for line fixing on 32 knitting machines. He is charged with not only fixing the machines when they have problems but also helping his knitter check for quality. His goal is to keep the line running.

Years of Service: 7 years

joe moses
gloria anthony


Gloria Anthony

Lead Quality Inspector / Knitting

Role Description: Gloria is our Lead Inspector in knitting. She is responsible for managing the inspectors on each shift, including training, communication, and making sure they are performing their jobs to standard. She checks quality across the entire knitting floor. She is also in charge of checking/sizing all Smartwool socks each day and making sure they are being knit to spec.

Years of Service: 29 years



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Rodrigo loading yarn into the creel
Joe Moses threading the knitting head on milling machine
Gloria Anthony testing socks for quality standards



Our performance and casual socks made in the USA start with the world’s finest Merino. Then the best designers and skilled craftsman bring them to life, creating extraordinarily comfortable socks. 

We’ve been knitting American-made socks since Smartwool started over 20 years ago and our multi-generational sock makers know what it takes to make the best socks. USA socks are only part of our story though. See the Smartwool Difference here.

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