Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc Trail Running Race Start

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc


UTMB is one of the world's premier ultra races. 

Episode 5 of the When in Roam series follows Smartwool Athlete and ultrarunner Darcy Piceu on an epic race through some of Europe’s most spectacular terrain. Every elite runner needs a crew, so we sent fellow Smartwool athlete and big mountain skier Kalen Thorien along to help support Darcy.  Kalen proved to be a much-needed friendly face in the crowd. 


Roam TV Episode 5: UTMB

Darcy Piceu is a professional ultra runner. Follow her experience trail running one hundred miles through the Swiss Alps.


Coming off a second place finish at the Hardrock 100 earlier in the summer, Darcy was still in recovery mode. Her legs were tired, her energy level not where she needed it to be.  But the UTMB is one of the biggest ultras in the world, and Darcy wasn’t going to let a little lactic acid slow her down.

Racing through three countries, Darcy climbed steep passes, navigated technical descents and rubbed shoulders with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Through it all, she was strengthened by the energy of her crew and the support of the ultrarunning community. It’s a tough race, but with a little help from her friends and a whole lot of grit, Darcy raced to a 5th place finish. 


Darcy running through crowded edge of town