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Why We Run: Smartwool Staffers


We’ve teamed up with pro ultra-runner and Smartwool athlete Rob Krar to help you go far and feel good this spring with the Smartwool X Rob Krar Ultra Run Strava Challenge. Rob is known for his ability to absolutely crush 100-mile ultra races, but he also uses running as a way to support his mental health and as an opportunity to share time outside with friends and family.

The crew here at Smartwool loves a good challenge, and many employees eagerly signed on to run 100 miles this month with Rob. We asked a few of them to share why they love running and their all-time favorite trails.

Check out a few of our Smartwool staffers and the reasons why they love to run!

Zach, Product Line Manager — Men’s Socks


I run because it’s a meditative and therapeutic movement that helps me self-reflect on who I am as a human. It also inspires me to be and do better in all aspects of life. 

My favorite running trail is right in my backyard of Boulder, Colorado. Bear Canyon Trail to the summit of Green Mountain is a world class trail and offers incredible views of the Boulder skyline on perfectly graded single track. I also love running when I travel. I most recently went for a run through the Dolomites in Italy, the scenery is mind blowing. 

zach running

Alex, Strategic Partnerships & Athlete Team Manager

Alex during an ultra with billy


To be honest, I’m not really sure why I run. Ha! I guess it started because I wanted to support my brother who was using ultra running to battle addiction and I thought that I could run too. Running actual mended our relationship and brought us closer together. Years later, here I am. 

I still have the Strava record on the Spring Creek Ditch Loop here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado… (editor’s note: he doesn’t really have the record, but it’s a funny story!) As of now,  I’d have to say Hardrock 100 course has to be the favorite of mine. 

Laura, Product Designer – Women’s Socks & Accessories


My reason for running is simple, I run because it is my therapy. In the outdoors I am always happy. I love to run with my husband as well. 

My favorite trail in my neighborhood is the Waneka/Heckla Lake loops just outside of Boulder, Colorado. 

Laura and her husband after a run

Becca, Sourcing Coordinator

Becca getting read for a race


I run for my mental health. It’s the one thing that puts my mind at ease and keeps my emotions level.

The ditch loop on Spring Creek and anywhere on Emerald Mountain in Steamboat Springs are my favorites because they are easy to access and each have good challenges.

Maggie, Apparel Merchandise Director


I always have and always will run. I started when I was really young and have never stopped. I want to be that old lady still running every day. I like that it is an easy activity to participate in – no real equipment required, just put on your shoes and go run anywhere. 

I like to run the Sunshine Trail in Boulder, which is a 4 mile loop from my front door. Or I run around Wonderland Lake if I am pushing a jogger. When I am traveling I love to run to check out the city or nearby trails. An early morning beach run is one of my favorite vacation activities, I frequent a loop along Kailua & Lanikai beaches in Oahu.

Maggie with her kids

Jon, Business Operations Analyst

john enjoying views after his run


I run to explore places both old and new. It also rejuvenates my body and I know it’s good for me. I also really like to eat so running is essential for staying in shape.

Running back in Minnesota near my childhood home always brings back great memories. It’s fun to do some of the loops I created when I was growing up. I also enjoy running when traveling to new places as it lets you see them from a different perspective and get acclimated to your surroundings faster.

Ty, Sales Operations Coordinator


“I just felt like runnin…” Running to me used to be more of a competitive endeavor, now I run because it’s an opportunity to push myself, clear the head, and get some exercise with my dog Izzy.

I love running the Mad Creek Trail in Steamboat Springs. The steep climb at the start warms you up quickly, then the trail starts to flow and feels great as you enter a big open meadow with a historic barn. I also enjoy the sound of Mad Creek raging along the trail. It’s a five-mile loop with an opportunity for several off-shoots if you want to mix it up or adventure into the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.

Ty running with his dog

Abbie, Master Data Analyst

Abbie running


Running is my decompress time. When I need my mind to wind down, there’s nothing better than listening to the sound of my feet hitting the ground. It’s also the best way I’ve found to give back to causes close to my heart – through charity running.

Road, trail or the ‘mill… I love it all! My favorite run by far was when I crested Loveland Pass while running segment 7 of MS Run the US. I might have cried.