Smartwool and Weston Collab sock

Smartwool x Weston x Natives Outdoors

We’ve teamed up with Weston Backcountry, Natives Outdoors, and the National Forest Foundation to create a collection of winter gear that gives back. The exclusive ski sock was designed in collaboration with Natives Outdoor member and Diné Navajo artist, Vernan Kee.

Vernan focuses on his surroundings and upbringing in his work—often honoring cultural elements such as traditional weaving and the four sacred mountains. But for this collection, Vernan knew it was a natural fit to feature art inspired by one of the fastest and most respected birds in Navajo culture.


“The speed and precise movements of skiers and snowboarders reminds me of red-tailed hawks.”
- Vernan Kee

  • About the Artist

    Vernan Kee is a Native American from the Navajo Nation. When Vernan needed to find his way in life, Mother Nature became his guide to overcoming life’s biggest challenges and obstacles. Today, Vernan focuses his efforts into educating himself and others on respecting sacred and traditional native lands in hopes he will pass on his knowledge to positively influence future generations.

  • About Natives Outdoors

    A Native-Owned Athletic and Creative Collective with a simple mission; to empower Indigenous communities through our products and storytelling for a sustainable world.

  • About Weston

    Colorado-based Weston has been building skis, snowboards, and splitboards since 2012, all while fostering a community to support the causes that protect Mother Nature.

Supporting tribal communities together.

Vernan spent many of his years helping transport wood to and around his community, which is why The National Forest Foundation’s Wood for Life Trial Fuelwood Initiative hits home for him. This program helps responsibly utilize small diameter timber from forest restoration programs to help provide fuel for stoves and heat on indigenous reservations. In honor of this collection, Smartwool and Weston will each be donating to the National Forest Foundation to support such a special cause.

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