Big City Mountaineers

Building better futures in the great outdoors.

Why We Partner With Big City Mountaineers

We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to get outside.

Big City Mountaineers (BCM) works to leave a lasting impact on the lives of under-resourced youth. Their wilderness expeditions bring kids out of their comfort zones and into nature, where they develop the confidence needed for more promising futures. We believe the outdoors belong to no one and, at the same time, to everyone.

For every person who has lived a life inspired by the outdoors, there are many more young people who don’t have the access nor opportunity to realize that. That connection to the outdoors is essential to inspire the next generation to love and care for the environment. Big City Mountaineers works to ensure that under-resourced youth have the opportunity to learn important life skills in the outdoors and return home renewed, restored, inspired, and elevated. Our beliefs and vision go hand-in-hand with what Big City Mountaineers does every day.

Working with Big City Mountaineers is incredibly rewarding. Employees have the opportunity to volunteer with their programs that take participants on overnight camps and week-long backpacking expeditions. We help support their cause by climbing some of our country’s highest peaks with their Summit for Someone program and running epic trails on the Ragnar relays as part of their fundraising efforts. In addition to volunteer hours spent in nature, we provide financial support and product donations to support BCM’s mission of creating greater access and opportunities in the outdoors for under-resourced youth.


Big City Mountaineers core program, a week-long wilderness mentoring expedition, gives under-resourced youth an opportunity to experience both the beauty and challenges wild places have to offer. Alongside supportive adult mentors, under-resourced teens are taken out of their comfort zones and taught important life skills proven to positively impact their futures.

Their programs focus on improving the self-esteem, sense of responsibility, group communication, and decision-making skills of nearly 1,000 youth annually. Big City Mountaineers engages with youth in seven cities across the country, including Boston, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Their overnight camping trips provide kids ages 8 to 12 with a safe, supportive environment to learn and grow. These trips focus on understanding the value of teamwork, responsibility, and respect for the great outdoors.

Big City Mountaineers envisions a nation transformed by youth, connected to and empowered by experiences in nature.