Smart Print Teams

Working at SmartWool is so much more than a job.

SmartPrint is our commitment to corporate social responsibility. By leaving a smart footprint on Earth for future generations, SmartPrint brings to life SmartWool’s philosophy to affect positive change in the world in which we live, play and do business.

Our love of the outdoors runs deep. Through the SmartWool Advocacy Fund, we support organizations that aim to protect the natural environment and create opportunities for future generations to get outside.

We believe in creating an environmentally responsible workplace. One where we reduce our waste, reward alterative commuting and promote sustainability as a core value. Here’s how we’re making it happen:

Alternate Commuting:
We actively promote reducing our carbon footprint, whether through human-powered (biking, walking, running) or vehicle-powered means (carpooling, mass transportation).

Reducing Waste:
Both our Colorado offices are equipped with recycling and composting capabilities and we make every effort to reuse materials and reduce consumption.

Keeping it Local:
Our office Community Gardens are built using local materials, including lumber and compost/soil.

Community Service
We work to plug our employees into community service opportunities both individually and as a team. We want to positively impact our communities though volunteering our time and talents.

As a global team, our employees volunteer more than 1500 hours in our local communities each year.

All of our employees are given 40 paid hours per year to volunteer with non-profit organizations.

Twice a year, we close our offices to encourage 100% participation in two company-wide full day service events: Earth Day and Servapalooza. In the past few years, we’ve partnered with many organizations, including the U.S. Forest Service, Alpine Initiatives, Boulder County Parks and Open Space, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and The Boys and Girls Club.

Our company culture is what makes SmartWool more than just an office. It’s a place where we’re proud to work and we strive to create the most satisfying workplace possible. That’s why we have an entire team devoted to identifying and supporting the SmartWool culture. They sponsor and support ongoing conversations, education, recognition and annual company events. Here’s what they’re up to this year:

Brown bag lunches: Monthly lunch hour lectures and demonstrations on everything from organic gardening and avalanche training to learning about local non-profit organizations.

The Pinnacle award: Each year, we recognize individuals and teams that go above and beyond, demonstrating commitment to the four driving SmartWool values: Humanity, Humility, Integrity and Excellence.

Summer Recess: Each summer we take a break from our day-to-day jobs and head outside for some good old-fashioned team building.

Ski Day: One day a year, we all take the day off and head to the hill for a day of skiing, riding and snowshoeing.

SmartTalk: Monthly, confidential group sessions where we hear what’s on employees’ minds. We listen and react to help improve employee satisfaction and well-being.