The Comfort of Merino

when you're comfortable, your body performs better


The Power of Comfort is a simple idea: when you’re comfortable, your body performs better, allowing you to forget about what you’re wearing and enjoy the moment.

We understand how to keep a body in motion comfortable. We’ve made it our mission to use this knowledge to help you better enjoy the outdoors. Staying comfortable all day, every day.


Too Hot

The Problem:
It’s 90-something degrees, the sun’s on you, and 
you’ve got four hours until the end of your ride.

The Solution:
SmartWool® Merino wool base layers come in a variety of fabric weights, so in addition to Merino’s intrinsic ability to manage heat and moisture, we create thoughtfully designed products that keep you as comfortable in the heat as they do in the cold.

cyclist shown wearing smartwool tee shirt


The Problem:
Your lunchtime run went longer than expected, and now
 you’re forced to walk into your 
one o’clock reeking of a great workout.

The Solution:
No matter how hard you exercise, in whatever temp,
SmartWool® running socks and apparel keep the skin drier,
 so odor causing bacteria can’t find a place to 
thrive. And, your co-workers won’t be fighting for the
 seat on the other side of the room.

runner shown wearing Smartwool tee shirt

Too Cold

The Problem:
You thought for sure you wore enough layers,
 but once again you’re in the ski lodge
 instead of pushing your day to your legs’ limits.

The Solution:
When you’re active outside, your clothing layers should work as
 a system to keep you comfortable. And when you’re in 
cold temps, they should keep you dry and warm. Our
 NTS base layers and thermal midlayers work together to
 move sweat vapors off your body, while trapping air in
 their fibers, keeping you warm

skier shown stand with Smartwool mid-layer on


The Problem:
You’ve got enough layers on to keep you warm, 
but unfortunately going to the bathroom seems 
like more trouble than it’s worth.

The Solution:
SmartWool fabrics create warmth without adding 
bulk. Our apparel features first and second layer fits,
 arm cuffs designed to glide smoothly under
 midlayers and jackets, and offset zippers that don’t
 layer on top of each other. Relief is in sight.

snowboarder shown with Smartwool clothes on


The Problem:
There’s nothing worse than getting into the
 shower after a marathon chafing session, caused
 by the hours you spent on the trail.

The Solution:
Thoughtfully designed running shorts and clothing incorporates moisture 
absorbing Merino wool, a comfortable fit and
 smart seam placements. Say good-bye to
 showers that sting.

three runners with shoes off wearing Smartwool running socks


The Problem:
Quarter-sized blisters from moisture and friction 
build up due to hours spent on the trail.

The Solution:
Merino wool running socks that allow your feet to 
breathe better, stay drier, and fit without 
slipping, bunching or bagging out

back of runners feet showing Smartwool logo