Underwear Made for Everywhere

No matter if you’re looking for adventure-ready Merino 150 wool underwear or want high-performance, quick-drying Merino Sport 150 underwear, our Men’s wool underwear is designed to keep you comfortable and temperature-regulated with super-soft Merino wool next to skin.


  • + 100% Merino next to skin
  • + Merino-lined, wide elastic waistband
  • + Manages sweat
  • + Odor-resistant
  • + Helps regulate temperature


  • + Engineered Merino + polyester blend
  • + Quick dry time
  • + Double front panel for extra support
  • + Manages sweat
  • + Breathable

New Men’s Merino 150 Boxers

When it comes to men’s underwear, extra durability is always a good thing. That’s why we make our new boxer briefs with Core Spun technology. We’ve wrapped ultra-fine Merino fibers around a nylon core for added strength and long-lasting wear while still keeping the comfort of Merino next to skin.