Warm weather? Cold weather? No problem.Merino wool can handle it all. Our Merino 150 products were designed to be year-round must-haves for all of your adventures.Do more with less.


Merino 150 keeps up with your every stepand summit.Every 150 garment, from our Merino 150 base layer to our Merino 150 Pattern Hoodie, helps regulate body temp (keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather), manages moisture before you even think about breaking a sweat, and resists odor and funk.


Our Merino 150 collection will resist odor as you explore everything from Notre Dame on a two-week tour of Europe to your local crag for the afternoon.


Lightweight Merino clothing, like our Merino 150 base layer, helps regulate heat in warm weather. Merino fibers work to pull sweat vapor away from your skin to help keep you feeling dry and cool.

Happy Sheep Grow Better Wool

ZQ wool is a New Zealand program that ensures the highest-quality fibers while elevating animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability. It’s good for our products and even better for the sheep.


Miles and miles and miles of durable comfort.We’ve taken our magical Merino fiber and spun it around a nylon thread (Core Spun Technology) to add extra durability to our favorite fabric. Now, with this innovation and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can enjoy even more mind-blowing comfort on all your adventures.



For over, under, and in between.All of these technical and tactical benefits make our Merino wool base layer products and Merino clothes extra versatile. From backpacking in Moab to exploring hidden waterfalls in Hawaii, our Merino 150 collection fits into any activity regardless of location, duration, or season. They’ll make all your other shirts/hoodies/whatevers super jealous.

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Wear It Everywhere

Our different fits and cuts are designed to enable comfort and performance across a variety of activities. So, whether you need lighter layering clothes for spring skiing, a warm-up hoodie for your early-morning training, or a travel shirt that blocks out some sun, our Merino 150 collection has something for you.

Regular Fit

Our looser fit gives you room to move without adding extra bulk. It’s perfect for our lightweight Merino clothes. It isn’t flowy, and it isn’t restricting.

Slim Fit

Our slimmest cut is primarily used in our Merino wool base layer products because it follows the contoursof the body to help regulate body temperaturemore efficiently.


There’s soft and then there’s soft.With 100% Merino next to skin, Merino 150’s tactile characteristics, technical attributes, and lightweight fabric work together to create the most comfortable four-season performance layering clothes on the planet.You won’t want to take them off.

We suggest starting at the bottom.

Our very wearable undies feature a Merino-lined waistband to help give you the comfort and confidence you need on any adventure. You may never wear ‘normal’ underwear again.

Layering is everything.

If you can find the right system for you, you’ll start to forget about uncomfortable soggy summit pushes and clammy spring jogs. Our Merino 150 base layer products and lightweight Merino clothing are perfect solutions.