The Perfect Pair

When it comes to choosing a Valentine, finding your perfect fit can be rough.  Will they have the same interests, style, and need for adventure? Check out our best matches, and find your perfect pair for this Valentine’s Day. 

Smartwool snowboard sock
PhD® Snowboard Light Ifrane Socks

ABOUT ME: Backcountry, side country, park laps or concrete bowls. You won’t catch me saying no to choice waves or powder turns. Adventure is what gets me going, so if you think you can keep up or, even better, stay ahead, we could be a perfect pair.

MY PERFECT DATE: Three things: Two sleds and 12 inches of fresh powder.

Smartwool sock casual
Popcorn Cable Knee High Socks

ABOUT ME: Like partying Saturday night and clubbin’ ‘til the sun comes up? I don’t either. Let’s go to our local coffee shop, sip almond milk lattes and talk about our passion projects. Then we can cozy up with some Palahnuick or Thoreau, and let the glow from the sunset be our reading lamp.

MY PERFECT DATE: Getting lost in the aisles of a secondhand bookstore.

Smartwool snowboard sock
PhD® Run Light Elite Pattern Micro Socks

ABOUT ME: There is something special about watching the sun rise as you are logging your miles. You are watching the rest of the world wake up while you’ve already put in an easy 10. No matter how fast or slow you are, keep me company on the trail and we’ll make it to the finish line.

MY PERFECT DATE: An easy, fun 5K. Or 10K. Or 30K.

Smartwool sock hiking
PhD® Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Socks

ABOUT ME: Whether summiting my favorite mountain or catching my breath on a new trail, you’ll find me chasing after what I want. I’m not afraid of the pursuit, but I prefer someone who will stick by my side. Rain, sun or snow, let’s find new trails together.

MY PERFECT DATE: 5 mile hike and grabbing a beer at our favorite brewery.

Smartwool print sock
Sand Dunes Curated Crew Socks

ABOUT ME: Wandering through long abandoned cliff dwellings. Sun salutations before dawn. Browsing the local farmers market, looking for dragon fruit (mmm…). If you dream of finding your solemate, let’s lose ourselves on this spiritual adventure called love.

MY PERFECT DATE: Brewing our own kombucha and planting our backyard love garden

Smartwool ski sock
PhD® Ski Ultra Light Pattern Socks

ABOUT ME: That person you saw ripping down a technical line while you were on your first chair – that was me. First chair, pressing glass or dawn patrol is the only way you’ll catch me. I’m not looking for beginners – I want seasoned vets who aren’t intimidated by a girl who keeps up, or stays out front.

MY PERFECT DATE: A quick breakfast standing in line for the first tram at Jackson.