New PhD® Outdoor

Mountaineer Sock

We teamed up with iconic Alpinist
Conrad Anker to develop and
test our newest socks.


PhD® Outdoor Mountaineer: High-Performance Socks Developed in Partnership with Conrad Anker


Conrad Anker knows how to climb. And he knows how to take care of his feet. That’s why we teamed up with the Smartwool athlete and iconic Alpinist to develop and test the new PhD® Outdoor Mountaineer socks, our new high-performance socks designed to work seamlessly in mountaineering boots.

Climbing the most technically challenging terrain in the world is just another day at the office for Conrad and having the best cold weather gear is critical to his success.

In searching for the best cold weather socks for climbing, Conrad found a perfect partner in our master sock developers. His attention to detail, years of experience and on-mountain field-testing helped us create our most technical mountaineering socks ever.

Part of the all-new PhD® Outdoor Sock collection, the PhD® Outdoor Mountaineer offers a perfect balance of comfort and durability.


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