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PhD® is our category-defining line of elite performance Merino wool socks.

They are the epitome of our ‘go far, feel good’ philosophy. We’ve spent over two decades designing, testing, and refining the activity-specific performance sock innovations and technologies incorporated into each pair of Smartwool® PhD® socks in order to make them the one variable you won’t have to worry about.

They are the X factor, the multiplier, and the key to the equation.
Indestructawool™ Technology
Designed to break limits
Our patent-pending Indestructawool™ technology isn’t just something we added to our performance socks, but a whole new way to build them. We’ve developed a new, much more durable knitting technique that enables 30% more choss-fueled approaches, gut-wrenching descents, and paradigm-shifting summits than our previous socks. You push yourself to new limits, so we thought we’d push our Smartwool® PhD® socks to new ones too.
4 Degree™ Elite Fit
X marks the spot
The iconic x-patterned 4 Degree™ elite fit is one of our key technologies. It unites all activity-specific Smartwool® PhD® socks from cycle to mountaineer and beyond. It’s our locked-in, blister-repellent, ready-to-go platform that enables less slippage and more summits—helping you to not only go far, but to go fast, go freely, and go ferociously.
Shred Shield™ Technology
We worked with our elite athletes to improve the durability in the toe box area of our ultra-light socks. With a new knitting technique, we were able to reinforce the front of our performance wool socks, meaning these new PhD® socks will be with you from first step to mile 100 and beyond.
We’ve broken the restraints of our knitting process, giving us the chance to use new designs and colors on our printed wool. Our printing process allows us to fully saturate the super-fine Merino wool fibers, bringing vibrant, colorful designs to life on our printed socks.
  • Women’s Specific Fit

    We’re not just changing our socks’ color to pink and calling it good. Our industry-leading women’s specific fit is crafted to provide more comfort and performance for women with its narrower fit and shallower heel.

  • Activity-Specific Mesh Zones

    The ventilation zones in Smartwool® PhD® socks were made to dump heat and help keep you on your feet longer so you can enjoy even more road/trail/climb time

  • Virtually Seamless™ Toe

    This feature is knit to help minimize blisters, hot spots, and in-shoe discomforts while you cycle, run, and hike your way into the wilderness.

  • Dialed-In Cushioning

    Whether you want an extra buffer from the trail or like to run light and fast, we designed our different cushioning levels to accommodate your needs.

  • Merino Wool

    After 25 years, Merino wool is still our secret sauce. It helps regulate body temperature, moves moisture away from your skin at a vapor level, and resists odors. Our PhD® socks even use higher-quality, finer Merino wool in order to further increase durability and softness

Smartwool PhD Print
Elite Category
Advanced Designs and Counting
Our PhD® socks’ activity-specific designs, varying cushion levels, and different heights give you the ability to choose the perfect sock for your adventures.
Find the Right Height
Find the Right Height
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Select Your Cushioning
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