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Second Cut™ Project

We’re giving old products new life to eliminate the need for new materials and keep perfectly good materials from being thrown away. Let’s go green before we go far. And close the loop together.

Give your Smartwool gear new life

We teamed up with ThredUp to help you find tons of gently used Smartwool® styles that are ready for a second life in the great outdoors. You can also send in your old gear to Thredup through the Second Cut™ Resale program, and when it sells we’ll send you a Smartwool gift card.

Second Cut™ Resale

Recycle your socks

Old socks don’t have to be thrown away anymore. You can order a free sock recycling kit from us, print your own label at home, or find a participating retailer near you. 

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We’re trying to recycle our materials and products as much as possible to keep waste out of landfills and make the most out of great gear.

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Sustainability Targets

Learn about our biggest goals, how we’re catapulting towards circularity, and how you can help us get there.

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Show us how you’re keeping good materials out of landfills by recycling your socks.



Our Second Cut™ recycled wool program represents a significant step forward in our commitment to 2030 sustainability goal. By using sock fibers that have been reclaimed through our circular initiatives, we are able to create high-quality products with the added benefit of reducing our environmental footprint. Our new Second Cut™ Hike socks utilize the circular yarn blended with responsibly sourced ZQ Merino wool to provide all the performance, softness, and durability that our customers have come to expect from Smartwool. We believe that by embracing innovative solutions like recycled wool, we can create a more sustainable future for both our business and the planet.




How can I participate in the Second Cut™ Project?

You can participate by recycling your used Smartwool socks in our free sock recycling bag that you can order with your Smartwool purchase at checkout. The bag includes a pre-paid shipping label to mail in socks for recycling.

How does the Second Cut™ Project support sustainability?

By recycling and repurposing wool products, the initiative helps minimize waste, conserves resources, and reduces the carbon footprint associated with textile production.

Is there a way to get rewarded contributing to the Second Cut™ Project?

While there is not necessarily a reward for contributing to the Second Cut™ Project, you can send in your old gear to Thredup through the Second Cut™ Resale program, where you will get sent a Smartwool gift card when it sells.