Crystal Worl is Athabascan, Filipino, and Tlingit from Raven, Sockeye Clan and a talented, multidisciplinary artist based in Juneau, Alaska. She draws inspiration from her cultural roots and the natural world around her. Her work often explores themes of identity, connection to land, and the interplay between traditional and modern ways of life. Today Crystal lives in Juneau, Alaska, working as a co-owner of Trickster Company with her brother, Rico Worl.
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The forests and waterways that shelter salmon runs provide an abundance for the Tlingit and have fed Native Alaskans since the beginning of time. To the Tlingit people, salmon are a resource that’s to be respected and utilized sustainably. By protecting the salmon and its habitat, the salmon provide people with sustenance in return. This cycle is known as Xâat Kusteeyí (hot kut-see-yee), which translates to the “Salmon Way of Life” in English. The inspiration behind Crystal’s art in this collection is the Salmon Way of Life.
The Haa AanÍ Alliance was formed by five purpose-driven mountain brands that understand that while we may live and play in the headwaters of magnificent watersheds, everything is downstream from us. If we all take stewardship of our ecosystems and our impacts on them, we can keep these life-giving arteries feeding our ways of life for generations to come. Shop below for other brands that feature this design.