Smartwool Compression Socks


When the recovery is as important as a solid training plan, believe in the wool to get you on the trail the next day.  With the breathability and moisture wicking benefits of Merino wool, we would like to introduce you to our powerhouse of a sock.  Both our graduated compression socks for men and compressions socks for women are built to help your body focus on rebuilding and repairing damaged muscles, after your hard workout or race. 



A Travel Must Have


Forget your travel pillow; wool compression socks for women and compression socks for men will be your new must have travel accessory.  We’ve all been there.  You just got off the plane, landing in Barcelona after an eight-hour flight and you are ready to hit the streets to take in all the stunning history and architecture.  But your legs are too sore and swollen from the long flight.  Let our graduated compression socks help you.  They will help you with thermoregulation and moisture wicking on the flight, but most importantly, will help you with the inevitable leg swelling on the plane.  Featuring 20 – 30 mmHg of graduated compression, our socks will keep your feet comfortable and improve blood circulation. 

Rally quicker with smart wool calf compression sleeves


Rally Quicker with Wool Calf Compression Sleeves


No matter how fit you are, logging all those miles can really take a toll on your legs. Wool calf compression sleeves worn during recovery or even during intense exercise can help you recover better and faster. Our calf compression sleeves with graduated compression are specifically engineered with graduated compression and mesh zones for better support and moisture management. They combine the recovery-enhancing benefits of compression with the performance-enhancing benefits of Merino. And no worries about maintenance - they can go right in the washer and dryer with your cycling socks, so you’ll be ready for another epic ride.