Couple running in Smartwool compression socks

Compression Socks For Men

When you need the relief of compression, don’t feel like you have to be in itchy, boring compression socks.  Our graduated compression socks for men take ultra-soft Merino, that feature anti-stink, moisture wicking benefits, and combine it with 20 – 30 mmHg of compression, giving you the graduated compression you need, with the style and technical prowess of our Merino sock.  It is the best of both worlds, and you will be happy you have them on your feet. 

benefits of Smartwool compression technology - better support, better recovery



Sport Recovery


The last place you want to be after your race or long training day is the hurt locker.  Our men’s compression socks and calf compression sleeves help you recover so after you cross the finish line, you can spend more time enjoying the post-race beer.  Our running compression socks help you recover quicker, by stimulating blood flow.  That way, you are telling your body to help fix those poor muscles and make the day after better than what you’re used to.  Our compression socks for hiking, like the PhD Outdoor Mountaineering sock, feature graduated compression which also helps post-activity recovery.

recover faster in Smartwool calf compression sleeves


Calf Compression Sleeves


No two people are built the same.  Some people need a calf compression sleeve to fit a wider calf, and a sock to fit their smaller feet.  Or maybe you want more cushion in a sock than our compression socks for men offer.  Keeping that in mind, we bring to you the customization of the calf compression sleeve.  Pair our compression sleeve with your perfect pair of Smartwool socks, giving you the optimum system for your run and recovery.  Our Merino wool compression sleeves help regulate your temperature and wick sweat, and provide the 20 – 30 mmHg of compression you need to stimulate blood flow for optimal recovery.