Smartwool Running Socks


Smartwool is all about chasing down your dreams. Whether those dreams are running your first marathon, or just getting outdoors more often, we have the best running socksto get you where you are going. Our Merino wool running socks have the natural benefits of wool - anti stink, breathability and moisture wicking - so no matter the weather, we have the perfect wool running sock to keep you getting after your dreams.


Wool Running Socks


Getting out to log those extra miles or trying to set a new personal record is hard work.  Why not get the gear that makes it a bit easier to lace up your shoes? Smartwool’s PhD running socks made with Merino wool can help you. From ultra thin running socks, to more padded running socks, we have varying levels of cushioned running socks to suit your needs.

Our no show running socks are perfect for when you want the comfort of Merino without the height. If that isn’t enough height for you, we have running sock heights from no show, all the way up to knee-high compression socks. With so many possibilities of running sock heights and cushioning, Smartwool has the best socks for running to help you find your trail.  

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New PhD® Run socks with Indestructawool™ Technology


PhD® Socks represent the highest degree of performance. We pack these wool socks chock full of smart features, advanced technologies and dialed fit systems. They’re running socks that help you forget about what you’re wearing and focus on the what's ahead. Because you’ve got miles to go, and you couldn’t be happier.


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