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Compression Socks for Women

You’ve done everything you could to prepare for your upcoming race or overseas trip that involves a long flight.  Hours have been spent scouring blogs and magazines and you are feeling ready to go.  But did you think about your recovery, so you can be at your best before, during and after?  It is such an important part of your journey, no matter where you are heading.  Even if you are a first-time compression user, or a longtime believer in the healing powers of compression, our graduated compression socks for women are the smartest ones out there.  We took the natural benefits of wool – breathability, moisture wicking and anti-stink – and combined them with graduated compression, to give you the ultimate in comfort and compression.

benefits of Smartwool compression socks for women - better support, better recovery


Everyday Benefits


Being on your feet all day is rough, and it is difficult to relax after a long day when your legs are so sore.  For the ultimate relaxation at the end of the day, slip into an ultra-soft pair of women’s compression socks at the start of your day.  Our graduated compression socks for women feature a women’s specific fit, meaning they are narrower in the heel and have mesh zones for added breathability where women need it most.  They are the perfect running compression socks, compreshion socks for hiking or they can be used for the everyday adventure.  By combing Merino wool with our 4 Degree Elite Fit, we provide you with the comfort, support and compression socks benefits you need, to help your legs recover after a long day. 

back country skiing in smartwool baselayers


Calf Compression Sleeves


Our calf sleeves give you the customization of compression in your legs, while allowing you to choose your perfect sock height, weight and cushion level.  Featuring 20 – 30 mmHg of graduated compression and the comfort from ultra-comfy Merino, our calf compression sleeves help you to stay on the trail longer, and recover faster.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.