Staff Picks

Smartwool Office Coordinator
Smartwool Planner/Buyer

Running outside all year-round is easily outfitted by Smartwool®. For warm weather running, I go with our PhD™ Run shorts and PhD™ Run Light Elite socks. PhD™ Light Crew and PhD™ Run tights is what I switch to when it gets cooler outside. Thanks to Smartwool® gear, I have everything I need to run outside in every season!

Smartwool employee Joelle
Smartwool Product Line Manager

Living in Boulder, I am fortunate to be able to run all year and ski during the winter. No matter the activity, I start with Merino 150 boxer briefs and for running, pair them with Smartwool’s Run Short and Merino 150 Tee. Our SmartLoft Double Corbet 120 Jacket is the perfect jacket for cooler runs or early spring skiing. And my favorite type of socks are our Light Elite Cushioning.

Smartwool employee Robert
Smartwool Office Coordinator

Whatever my outdoor pursuit is, our Merino 250 baselayer is the foundation that keeps me warm all day. When the temps start dropping, I layer with the Double Corbet 120 hoody. Hands down, this the best puffy for cool mornings and chilly evenings. This combo is perfect for the variable Colorado weather and is compact enough to fit in my hip pack when I am on the water.

Smartwool employee Jean-Marie
Smartwool eCommerce Manager

Beyond the extreme comfortability of these products, they allow me to go just a little bit further, or a little bit harder or a little bit longer when I’m out on the trail, and still fit right in when I’m back at the office.

Smartwool employee Josh