SmartWool in Summer: Why Merino Wool is the best performance fiber all year long.

Smartwool in Summer

Why wear Merino Wool in the summer?


You might be thinking, wait a second: Merino wool, the same material that keeps me warm and comfortable in winter, will help keep me cool in the popsicle-melting heat of summer? Summer clothes made from wool can perform just as well as other high-performance fibers? Wool socks for summer?  Yep, our year-round apparel like Merino 150 layers and socks for hiking and running are summer gear must-haves, and here’s why:

Merino 150
PhD Sport Tops


1: Merino’s Cooling Effect


Merino helps regulate your body temperature year-round. Think desert nomads- they’ve had this concept dialed for a pretty long time. They need to keep their wardrobe pretty tight, so they wear wool for summer clothes and year-round layers. Merino has the ability to store moisture within the structure of the fiber. As your body heats up, the moisture stored within the fiber will begin to evaporate, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. The warmer you get, the more evaporation takes place and the larger the cooling effect. 

Merino's Cooling Effect is good 365 days a year


2. Breathability


When you consider summer clothes, breathability is key. Breathability is the ability of a fabric or fiber to transport moisture in the vapor state from an area of higher humidity to an area of lower humidity. Stay with us here…in other words, the more breathable a product is the better it is at removing or wicking moisture from the space between your skin and the garment (AKA the microclimate). As your body heats up, the moisture vapors will be absorbed by the wool fiber and released to the drier environment outside of the fabric, releasing heat. And that means clothing like our Merino 150 baselayers can help you stay drier and more comfortable even in the heat of summer.

The breathability of our merino wool can help you stay drier and more comfortable in the heat of summer.


3. No Stink


Wool has natural antimicrobial qualities. That means bacteria can’t find a place to thrive and your favorite summer hiking clothes or socks like our PhD® Outdoor collection don’t stink even after days on the trail. And in the heat of July, that’s a very good thing.

No Stink



So the next time you think of summer clothes, think of a Merino sheep. When they get a bit chilly, they don’t head to the closet and grab another layer. When they get warm they don’t throw on a cotton t-shirt. They only get one shot at it and Mother Nature has given them the perfect clothing to keep them comfortable year round in all kinds of conditions.

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