Seamless Comfort

Check out our new PhD® Seamless Underwear for the ultimate in breathability and comfort.


New PhD Seamless Underwear


Our new PhD Seamless underwear are the perfect combination of brains and beauty. Through gender specific thermal body mapping, we learned where women sweat the most, and knit underwear that breathe where you need them to. Combine that with wool’s ability to regulate your temperature and wick moisture, you get ultra-soft and breathable underwear. That is the brains part of the operation. The beauty part comes from our funky designs on our wide, chafe-free waistbands and fun colors to fit your every mood. With the perfect combination of looks and smarts, our PhD Seamless Underwear will be the best new addition to your wardrobe.


For Every Day and Every Adventure


Let’s face it: underwear is so underappreciated, yet it sets the foundation for everything you do on a given day. It can mean the difference between your best day ever and one where you’re constantly thinking about what you’re wearing. That’s why our spring women’s Merino underwear collection is full of overachievers that help regulate temperature, manage moisture, keep odors at bay and refuse to let you down. 


Sports Bras


Sports bras are one of the most important items in your gear quiver, and not just any sports bra will do.  Our Merino wool sports bras keep the girls in place while moving moisture, regulating temperature and banishing chafing, even during the longest workouts. Plus thanks to the thermoregulation magic of Merino, our sports bras help break the sweat and chill cycle, where you get the chills as soon as you slow down.

We design our sports bras from the inside out, keeping Merino wool next to skin for ultimate comfort. Then we use other high functioning materials in the right places like nylon for added durability, polyester for a smooth finish, and elastane for just the right amount of stretch. 

Our sports bras feature the 4 Degree Elite Fit system for unparalleled support and fit: