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We’ve partnered with iconic athletes like Rob Krar, Angel Collinson, and Conrad Anker to create our most advanced, high-tech socks ever. They’re designed with athlete insights to help elevate each sock’s comfort, fit, and durability so you can experience more on the trail, slope, stream, and mountain.

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Rob Krar

Rob Krar

Pro Ultrarunner

We worked with elite ultrarunner Rob Krar to create the ultimate endurance socks. With highly specified cushioning and fit, these durable socks are made for mile after mile after mile of unwavering comfort and performance. They’re infused with athlete insights and inspiration and sock technology made to withstand the most grueling races. So if you're looking for our best performance socks, look no further.

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I really knew it was done when I put the socks on at two a.m. in Leadville, Colorado, raced 100 miles, and didn’t think about them until I took them off 17 hours later.

Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker

Pro Alpinist

We worked with Conrad to develop the PhD® Pro Approach sock. It’s designed to help make approach shoes work better with sculpted cushioning and Merino comfort. These high-tech socks offer enhanced fit and comfort while still expertly handling demanding approaches on the way to your climb.

Climbing gear is a life support system. Your gear’s got to work for you. So that same mindset is what we used when we started developing this sock.

Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson

Pro Freeskier

We worked with Angel to create our most high-tech sock for skiing ever. They feature new insight-driven sculpted heel and ankle cushioning to help lock your foot in tight-fitting boots without adding bulk. These comfortable, durable wool socks are designed to handle backcountry touring, resort shredding, and steep descents.

The cushioning layout was important to me because you want it tight in the right places and not too tight in the places where you don’t have enough room.

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